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  • Velcro dog - follows you around and wants to be with his beloved person

  • Lapdog

  • Very loving

  • Great companion

  • Energetic

  • Loves to run at high speed

  • Loves to play with other small dogs

  • Timid of new people especially men

  • No more than two person home since he's timid at first

  • Adult only home

  • Must have a fenced yard.  This is due to his high energy.

  • Walks well on a leash.

  • House trained in his foster home. He doesn't pee in his foster home and he's not a marker.    Does not poop in his foster home unless placed in a room with lots and lots of dogs then he tends to "poop mark." He doesn't do that if he's in a room with a couple.

  • Hasn't been with cats under our care so we don't know how he is with them

  • Lives in a home with birds and doesn't pay attention to them

  • Italian Greyhound (IG)/Black Pug mix.  He has the sleek body and longer legs of an IG.  He runs really fast like an IG.   HIs size is more like an IG's (purebred IG's can weigh as little as 7 lbs).  His nose is longer than a Pug's but shorter than an IG's. He has fold over ears, cork screw tail, and underbite just like a Pug.

  • Neutered male

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Microchipped

  • 7.5 lbs.

  • 21 months old

  • Adopters must reside in San Diego County (sorry, no exceptions)

  • Healthy

  • All medical paperwork provided

  • Adoption fee $225

Video of Smokey:

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