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Rupert is a handsome and friendly sulcata tortoise who currently weighs 20 lbs, and will grow to be over 100 lbs. Right now he's 17 inches long and 11 inches wide but he'll get much bigger! 


Here's other videos of Rupert (copy & paste into your browser):


Rupert eating cactus:

Rupert eating apple:

Rupert goes for toes:

Rupert requires a large, grassy outdoor area to graze and roam, as well as a heated housing unit for when the temperature dips below 72 degrees.  He eats grass, veggies, and cactus, and needs to have a shallow water source to soak in daily (currently that's a baby pool).  If you are interested in having a sweet shell-friend in the family for the next 80-100 years and are willing to keep lots of grass and vegetables on hand, Rupert is your guy. 

Rupert's adoption fee is $60.  If you'd like to meet Rupert please fill out a reptile pre-adoption application.

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