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Here's what we can say about precious little love nugget Margarita:

  • She's the supreme lapdog!  Never wants to leave her prized human's lap.

  • Loves to be held and caressed

  • Loves to snuggle in bed with you

  • Loves to burrow under covers

  • Quiet

  • Listens well and does what you tell her

  • House trained

  • Crate trained

  • Loves to go for walks

  • Gets very bonded to her prized person so would be best in an adult only home

  • She's your shadow---follows you everywhere in the house

  • Gets very bonded to one human

  • Only  9 lbs so you can take her anywhere

  • Suited for apartment living because of her size

  • Recently had a dental so she's got pearly white teeth

  • Only 5 years old which is young in Chihuahua years

  • Healthy


Margarita's owner passed away and his daughter who lived out of state couldn't take her so she gave her up to the San Diego Humane Society. There Margarita was very scared and rarely came out of her crate which was left in her kennel for over a month. What she needed more than anything else was to be cuddled in a quiet home which she got once Animal Alliance rescued her.

Please contact Animal Alliance of San Diego if you'd like to meet Margarita or to expedite things fill out an adoption app online here:


Margarita's adoption fee is $150 which goes to help cover the cost of her dental.

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