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Tiny little Puff's as sweet as a cream puff and is endearing as Puff the Magic Dragon.

Puff is also:

  • Super affectionate

  • Lapdog

  • Happy-go-lucky

  • Can be an energizer bunny but calms down easily especially if held

  • Good-natured

  • Velcro dog

  • Walks well on a leash

  • Gets along well with other dogs

  • Plays with other dogs

  • Non-shedding so he's a good choice for people who don't want fur on their furniture but he does require regular grooming.  We just got him groomed Christmas Eve.

  • Recently housetrained by his foster who takes him out frequently so we don't know if he knows how to ask to go out.  Adopters should be prepared to take him out frequently at first.

  • Doesn't mark in the house

  • Hasn't been with cats under our care so we don't know how he is with them but we believe he'd be okay

  • Wants to be in your lap so badly that while you're standing up he'll jump up from the ground into your arms

  • Toy Poodle/Yorkshire Terrier mix.  Has thick hair of a Toy Poodle but it's not quite as curly, has the snout of a Yorkie, and his ears seem to be a mix of both a Toy Poodle's and a Yorkie's.

  • Lives in a foster home with parrots and doesn't pay attention to them

  • Recommend adult only or home with older, respectful children because Puff is so small he could get accidentally hurt by a small child

  • Neutered male

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Microchipped

  • 9.7 lbs

  • 3 years old (estimated by shelter) but we think he's more like 2 based on how he acts and how clean his teeth are.

  • Has no known health issues per shelter vet

  • Adopters must reside in San Diego County

  • All paperwork from shelter we rescued him from provided



Before he was groomed:


Puff's adoption fee is $325.

If interested in Puff please fill out a pre-adoption application online.