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Onyx is

  • Very affectionate

  • Human orientated but loves other dogs

  • Very playful

  • Endearing

  • Loves to give kisses

  • Can be energetic but calms down nicely

  • Loves stuffed toys

  • Loves to play with other dogs and is often seen in her foster home play bowing them

  • Treat motivated

  • "Dances" for treats

  • Smart

  • Crate trained 

  • Rarely has an accident in foster's house and we've had her less than a week and a half 

  • Not a picky eater - gobbles up plain kibble for both her daily meals

  • Lives in a foster home with five other foster dogs ranging in size from 16 lbs to 7 lbs and gets along with all of them although her puppy playfulness can sometimes annoy the older dogs

  • She has not been with cats under our care so we don't know how she is with them

  • Walks fairly well with a leash on a harness

  • Miniature Poodle mix.    We don't know what she's mixed with but she seems to be low to no shedding.  She'll require regular light grooming.  We just got her groomed Wednesday, November 3rd. She has a wavy, very soft coat that's black except she has white paws and white on her chest.

  • We rescued her from a local SD shelter on 10/25/21.

  • 1 year old

  • 12 lbs

  • Microchipped

  • Shots up to date

  • Healthy

  • All medical paperwork provided

  • Respectful children 8 and up

  • San Diego residents only

  • Homeowner with a fenced yard preferred since this girl loves to run and play

  • Adoption fee $350

Videos of Onyx:


If interested in Onyx these are the steps:

1.  Read her bio carefully to make sure she's the right dog for you and you meet the adoption requirements. 

2.  Fill out an adoption app from our website here:

3.  If we think you and Onyx could be a great match we'll contact you.  We're a very small volunteer-based rescue taking care of lots of animals so we don't have time to contact everyone who applies or respond to all inquires.  We're very sorry and we're hoping this will change soon.


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