We just rescued Melody from a local shelter on Monday, September 9th.  We'll be providing more info on her as we learn more about her.


Melody our Miniature Poodle/Wheaton Terrier is:


·        Affectionate

·        Calm

·        Potty trained by using a doggie door

·        Quiet

·        Crate trained

·        17.8 lbs

·        2 years old

·        Miniature Poodle mixed with Wheaton Terrier we believe             which is also a non-shedding dog

·        Hypoallergenic so good for people with allergies or don't             want fur on their furniture

·        Spayed

·        Microchipped

·        Up-to-date on shots

·        She hasn't been in a household with cats while under our            care so we can't say how she is with them

·        She hasn't lived in a household with children while under             our care either but based on her good nature we believe             she'd be fine in a home with them and make a great                   family dog

·        Lives in a household with parrots and pays no attention to           them




If you're interested in meeting Melody, please fill out a pre-adoption application.

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