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Ivy is...

  • Extremely sweet & affectionate

  • Lapdog

  • Gets along everyone including strangers

  • The type of dog you could take anywhere with you

  • Great companion

  • Gets along with all the other dogs in her foster home.  There are 5 other dogs ranging in size from 7 lbs to 15 lbs.

  • Sometimes playful with other dogs (see video below)

  • Quiet

  • Calm

  • Easy Peasy

  • Gentle

  • Housetrained

  • Loves car rides 

  • Endearing

  • Very treat motivated

  • Not a picky eater

  • Walks well on a leash and gets excited when she sees one (harness is recommended for all our dogs since harness won't pull on a dog's trachea like collars will)

  • Lives in a home with parrots and doesn't pay attention to them.

  • Shih Tzu/Poodle mix "Shih-Poo"

  • Low to no shedding (we don't know what she's mixed with so we can't for certain say she's hypoallergenic)

  • 2 years old

  • 14.5 lbs

  • Microchipped

  • Shots up to date

  • Healthy

  • All medical paperwork provided

  • Respectful children 8 and up

  • San Diego County residents only

  • Adoption fee $395

Ivy's back story:  Ivy was brought to a local shelter with a foul smelling bandage around her waist and back, she was missing hair in some places, and she was flea infested.  She had been bitten by a dog but her bandage hadn't been changed, as a result what was underneath was very foul smelling.  The shelter vet found when they removed the bandage an old 3 inch wound.  The wound has healed and her missing hair is growing back.  She's now healthy and ready for her new home.

Videos of Ivy:

More videos of Ivy on our Instagram & Facebook pages.

If interested in Ivy these are the steps:

1.  Please read her bio carefully to make sure she's the right dog for you and you meet the adoption requirements. We take great lengths to write fact filled info about a dog's personality and other attributes to give people a good idea of what the dog is like.


2.  Fill out an adoption app from our website at the following link:


3.  If it looks like a promising match we'll contact you within 72 hours of receiving your application.    We're a very small volunteer-based rescue taking care of lots of animals so we don't have time to contact everyone who applies or respond to all inquires.  We're very sorry and we're hoping this will change soon.  Lastly, our animals are in foster care---we're not an animal shelter so meet & greets are by invitation. 


Thanks for your interest, and have a wonderful day!


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