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Our sweet & gorgeous little Foxy is:

  • Affectionate

  • Lapdog

  • Calm

  • Gets along with other dogs both large & small

  • Walks well on a leash

  • Treat motivated

  • Easy keeper

  • Not a barker

  • Great family dog

  • 18-months-old

  • 12 lbs

  • Australian Terrier

  • Spayed

  • Vaccinated

  • Microchipped

  • While under our care she hasn't been around cats so we don't know how she is with them.

Video of Foxy:  

We very recently rescued Foxy from a local shelter in San Diego.  Dogs in a shelter often aren't housetrained because they have to go potty in their kennels while they are there. Using the crate training method, we're potty training her and she's coming along very nicely.

Foxy's adoption fee is $325 which would be used to pay for spay/neutering, medical treatment, food, & supplies for homeless dogs to get them out of shelters and into comfy homes.


If you're interested in Foxy please fill out an adoption application.

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