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Fifi the tiny 5.5. lb Toy Poodle is...

  • Loving

  • Lapdog - your lap is where she wants to be all the time

  • Cuddly

  • Calm

  • Docile

  • Quiet

  • Good natured

  • Gets along great with other dogs

  • Great with everybody including strangers

  • A dog you can take anywhere

  • Lives in a foster home with parrots and pays no attention to them

  • Has not been in a home with cats so we don't know how she is with them but we think she'd be fine.

  • Children 12 and over.  Fifi is delicate.

  • Fifi prefers pottying outside rather than inside but needs to be taken out frequently

  • Will need to be on a special diet the rest of her life

  • Toy Poodle

  • Only 5.5 lbs

  • 10-years-old (estimated)

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Microchipped

  • Spayed

  • Adopters must reside in San Diego County (sorry no exceptions)

  • All medical paperwork provided

  • Adoption fee $295


Fifi's foster mom adores her and is thinking about adopting her herself, but she's got a lot of dogs and knows Fifi would be best off in a home where she'd have more lap time.  We'd only considering adopting Fifi to someone if it was a much better home than her current foster home.

If interested in Fifi please fill out an adoption application.  We'll then contact you within 48 hours if we think you and Fifi are a great match.  Please note our adoption decisions are based on what's in the best interest of our animals. We're a very small volunteer-based rescue taking care of lots of animals so we don't have time to contact everyone who applies or respond to all inquires.  Thank you for understanding.

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