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Meet Sunny a beautiful male lutino cockatiel!

Sunny was found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan who brought him to a local animal shelter where we rescued him.  We're estimating Sunny to be about 1 year-old although once a bird reaches sexual maturity even avian vets have difficulty determining just how old a bird is. Sunny's foster mom believes he can't see in one eye. Sunny feels most comfortable and safe in his cage.  He hasn't stepped up on hands but does on a stick.  He does not engage with the conure in his foster home.  Sunny does love to whistle and he responds to outside bird calls.  He loves sitting outside on the patio in his cage, under human supervision of course because San Diego has lots of predators like hawks.  Sunny would do best in a quiet home.

Sunny's adoption fee is $95

If interested in Sunny here are the steps:

1.  Fill out a bird pre-adoption app

2.  We'll then contact you within 48 hours if we think you and Sunny are a great match.  Our adoption decisions are based on what's best for our animals.  We're a very small volunteer-based rescue so unfortunately we don't always have time to contact everyone who applies or respond to all inquires because of all our rescue activities and taking care of our many animals.  Thank you for understanding.

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