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Wyatt is an adult male eastern box turtle who is friendly and engaging. He likes to spend most of his time on hot days buried in his dirt pile, with frequent dips in his pond. Wyatt eats turtle pellets, scrambled eggs, and live worms and slugs.  He will need an adopter who can provide a humid outdoor environment that is secure on all sides and has a protective netting or fencing along the top to protect his from predators. He will make an excellent companion for a turtle-loving family!

Wyatt is 5 inches long by 4 inches wide. We don't know Wyatt's age but we estimate he's over 20 years old.  He has extensive non-life threatening cosmetic damage to his shell but Wyatt's face is so handsome and he's such a character we bet you'll love him regardless!  We sure do!

Wyatt's adoption fee is $20.  People outside San Diego County may adopt if you'll provide Wyatt with a fabulous home.

If you'd like to meet Wyatt please fill out a reptile pre-adoption application.

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