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NOTE:  Home with another young playful dog REQUIRED. 

Melody is the type of dog everyone loves when they meet her.  She's also

  • Happy-go-lucky

  • Social

  • Lapdog

  • Very affectionate

  • Cuddly

  • Wiggly butt

  • Great with strangers

  • LOVES to play with toys

  • Good natured

  • Intelligent

  • Quiet

  • Gets along great with other dogs

  • LOVES to play with other dogs

  • A home with another young playful dog required

  • Low shedding so good choice if you don't want fur on your furniture but will require professional grooming

  • Professionally groomed August 13th

  • Lives in a home with parrots and doesn't pay attention to them

  • Has not been in a home with cats so we don't know how she is with them but we imagine she'd be fine

  • Currently being housetrained

  • Some type of Miniature Poodle mix.  Has the intelligence of Poodle but has fine wavy hair.  Based on her great nature and some physical features we believe she's Cockapoo but some have said she could be a mini Golden Doodle.  When you meet her you be the judge!

  • Children 8 and up

  • 14 lbs

  • 11-months-old

  • Spayed

  • Microchipped

  • Healthy

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Adopters must reside in San Diego County (sorry, no exceptions)

  • All medical paperwork provided

If interested in Melody please fill out a pre-adoption application.  We'll then contact you within 48 hours if we think you and Melody are a great match. 

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