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(Please note:  you must live in San Diego County to adopt Trinity) 


Meet Trinity, a beautiful 3-year-old female eclectus!

Trinity is tame and friendly.  She'll step up, sit on your finger, on your shoulder, in your lap and enjoys being rubbed on her head by humans she knows.  She is, however, timid of strangers.

Trinity is a talker.  She says "hello", "step up", "peek-a-boo" and does the "cat call."  Her foster mom believes Trinity is saying other words too.

Sometimes Trinity makes foghorn like sounds which are loud.  We're looking for an adopter who lives in a single family home where those foghorn sounds if she makes them won't disturb neighbors. If you live in an apartment, townhome, or any place that has a shared wall with your  neighbors, please don't apply. 

Trinity was the only bird in her previous home and got a whole lot of attention there.  Her ideal home is one where she can be the center of attention like she was before and not have to share it with other birds since she does currently share attention with many others in her foster home.

Our avian vet has examined Trinity and she is healthy.  She's had bloodwork, a chemistry panel, and has tested negative for avian chlamydiosis as well as Beak & Feather disease.  All her medical paperwork will be provided to her adopter. 

Here are some videos of Trinity:

Trinity like almost all adult parrots can get hormonal and may pick a favorite person in her household.    If you go to a breeder or pet store and buy a baby eclectus, when that bird becomes sexually mature around 3 to 4 years of age it will have the same behavior.  85% of parrots bought as babies are rehomed by the time they're 3 years old. We recommend all potential adopters educate themselves before getting a parrot.  We also encourage adopters to watch Youtube's Parrot Playhouse.

For Trinity

1.  Adopters must live in San Diego county.

2.  Own and live in a single family home.

3.  Adult only home.

4.  Prior to adoption, applicants should take a Parrot Education And Adoption Center online course (copy and paste this hyperlink into your browser for more info):

Adoption fee:  $900


If you meet these minimum requirements and are interested in Trinity fill out an application here:

We'll contact you within 72 hours if you and Trinity could be a great match.    Please note decisions are based on what's in the best interest of her.  

We're sorry but since we're a very small volunteer-based rescue taking care of lots of animals we don't have time to contact everyone who applies or respond to all inquires since taking great care of our animals is our top priority. Thank you for understanding.

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