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Our sweet teacup Claret is

  • Only 3 lbs!

  • A "Pursedog"  - tiny enough to carry around everywhere

  • A lapdog

  • Very good-natured

  • Very affectionate

  • Gentle

  • Friendly with everybody including strangers

  • Yearns to be held

  • Loves to be carried around

  • Gets along with other dogs large and small

  • 3 years old

Claret has not been in a home with children or cats while under our care so we don't know how she is with them but based on her calm, sweet, gentle personality we believe she'd be good with both.  However, no small children please because Claret is so tiny and delicate she could easily get hurt.  For her safety we're recommending older, respectful children only and if you have a large dog, only very calm ones because she could get easily trampled.

We recently rescued Claret from a local shelter in San Diego.  Dogs in a shelter often aren't housetrained because they have to go potty in their kennels while they are there. Using the crate training method, we're potty training her now.  Adopters should continue the crate training method or take her out frequently at first.

Here's videos of Claret:

Claret is spayed, microchipped, and has all her vaccinations. 

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