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If you're a San Diego County resident and interested in Chewy apply now!

Meet beautiful Chewy!

  • Friendly

  • Tame

  • Steps up on your finger

  • Gets along well with other birds

  • Usually quiet excepts chirps loudly like a cockatiel when he wants something

  • Male  

  • In his previous home he would sit on top of his cage during the day and go inside at night on his own.

  • Rides around on your shoulder

  • Adoption fee $500

Lilac crowned Amazons are known to be very mellow and laid back.

Chewy's previous owner had him for 25 years, but then had to go into assisted living.  We had an avian vet examine Chewy (who's now 28)  and he's healthy based on all his bloodwork. 

Those wishing to adopt should take a one-day virtual adoption course by Parrot Education And Adoption Center (current cost is $10) since there's so much to learn there!

If interested in meeting Chewy please fill out a bird pre-adoption application here!

We're a very small volunteer-based rescue taking care of lots of animals so we don't have time to contact everyone who applies or respond to all inquires. We'll contact you  if you and Chewy could be a great match. 

Thank you for understanding!

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