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Chance our Shiba-wiener (Shiba Inu + Dachshund) is:

  • Affectionate

  • A lapdog

  • Calm

  • Gets along with dogs his size

  • Walks well on a leash

  • Treat motivated

  • Gobbles up his kibble so not a picky eater

  • Knows how to use a doggie door

  • Easy keeper

  • 2 yo

  • 14 lbs

  • Shibu Inu/Dachshund

  • Neutered

  • Microchipped

  • Up to date on vaccines

  • While under our care he hasn't been around cats so we don't know how he with them.

We believe Chance to be a Shiba Inu/Dachsund mix or as we affectionately call it, a "Shibu-weiner." Chance has the elongated body, short legs, and splayed front feet of a Doxie but he's got the face shape, up-right ears, and curly tale like a Shiba Inu's.  He coat length is more like a Doxie's but is a little thicker in some places which he would get from his Shiba Inu heritage.  Come meet Chance so you can judge what his breed is for yourself.

Videos of Chance playing with other dogs:

Video of Chance in a lap:   

Chance was at risk of euthanasia at a local shelter because shelter staff said they couldn't safely handle him.  He wouldn't walk on a leash and when they wrapped him in a towel and picked him up he fear urinated and defecated.  We were contacted by shelter staff asking if we'd take him.  When we visited him in his kennel we could see he was just petrified and felt he just needed to get out of there.  Now that we've rescued him Chance isn't fearful at all anymore and is very friendly.  We're glad we gave Chance a second chance!

His adoption fee is $150 which will be used to pay for spay/neutering, medical treatment, food, & supplies for homeless dogs to get them out of shelters.

If you're interested in Chance  the next step would be to fill out a pre-adoption application.

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