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Cass is named after Casanova because he's such a lover boy. You'll fall in love with his sweet demeanor, cute ears, and soft fur. Cass will also make a great watch dog because he'll alert you when he hears a noise. Cass adores his walks, but what he adores most is sitting in your lap being loved on.  

Cass was brought into the Bonita shelter in San Diego in a box with 8 other little dogs by someone who said all the dogs had been left abandoned in an apartment. Because he lived with so many dogs and because he's so good-natured Cass adores other dogs especially small ones! When he sees one he gets all wiggly-butt. Cass is good with cats and kids too!

Here are some videos of Cass:

13 lb 8 yo Cass is a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix who recently had a dental. Other than being a little over weight (we're slimming him down) he's as healthy as a horse.


Please contact us if you'd like to meet Cass! Cass' adoption fee is only $100. This helps us get other homeless dogs out of shelters.

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