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Angelina "Angel" is...

  • Calm

  • Smart

  • Knows sit, shake, and down

  • Housetrained

  • Low energy level

  • Treat motivated

  • Easy to train

  • Knows how to use a doggie door

  • Great companion

  • Affectionate but on her own terms

  • Adult-only home

  • Adopters who can manage resource guarding required. Managing resource guarding is not the same as modifying it. Angel resource guards beds, crates, and to a lesser degree food.  For more info on resource guarding, read this: 

  • We believe she'd be happiest in a home where she can be the center of attention.  She's lived been in a foster home with a lot of dogs and coexisted peacefully with them but would happiest as the only dog.

  • Non-shedding

  • Requires regular grooming

  • Walks well on a leash

  • LOVES her walks and gets excited when she sees a leash

  • Hasn't been with cats under our care so we don't know how she is with them

  • Lives in a home with parrots and doesn't pay attention to them

  • Enjoys petting from her foster mom

  • Looks like a small version of a Standard Poodle. 

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Microchipped

  • Recently had a dental cleaning so has pearly white teeth

  • Spayed female

  • 6  years old

  • 23 lbs

  • Healthy

  • Adopters must reside in San Diego County (no exceptions)

  • All medical and vaccination paperwork provided to adopter

  • Adoption fee $250


Angel's beloved owner passed away and she ended up in a local shelter.  We rescued Angel to get her into a home where she'd once again receive love. We believe Angel is still grieving over the loss of her owner but time is healing her.  We also believe she was the only dog in the household and doted on by her owner.  She's be  happiest in a home where she'd be the center of her new owner's attention and spoiled with love like she's used to.



If interested and you think you'd be the right home for Angel please fill out a pre-adoption application.

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