Animal Alliance
San Diego


Want an affectionate, quiet dog, who's a great size---small enough to pick up easily but large enough not to be fragile? Want someone to snuggle you, nudge you for affection, spend time next to you relaxing on his doggie bed or if you prefer, with you on your sofa watching TV? Want a dog who's housetrained and a neutered male who isn't a marker? Want a young dog who is relaxed but also loves his walks? One who gets along fine with dogs and likes to play with them? Gets along with cats and who we think would be good with kids? How about a dog who's very easy to take care of? If your answer is yes, then meet Murphy!

Look how much Murphy loves affection:

We believe 2 year-old Murphy is a Whippet/Basenji mix since he's 17 lbs and has got the long legs and sleek body of a Whippet but the tightly curled tail on top of his back like a Basenji's, and he doesn't bark which Basenji's are well known for. But in all honesty since Murphy was a stray from a shelter, we're not sure exactly what breed he is. Murphy's primarily black but has white on his chest so it looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. He has a tuft of white under his chin which looks like a cute goatee.

Animal Alliance was contacted by the Bonita shelter and asked if we could rescue him, since Murphy was very fearful there. We knew he just needed to be out of the scary shelter environment. We were right. He's now blossomed in his foster home. Meet Murphy and you'll see for yourself. We bet he'll blossom in your home too!

If you're interested in meeting Murphy email us at Muphy's adoption fee is $195 which will be used to help other homeless dogs get out of shelters and into nice loving foster homes.